Holiday time

3 Nov 2017

Finally time for some holidays. i know it's a bit off season form holidays, but that just makes it so much better! I always try to plan holidays off season. This time I'm off to Italy and that's a place I have never been to before, so I'm well excited. After having traveled a lot over the years I am somewhat an expert on packing a light and wrinkle free bag full of clothes and shoes. I think it is best explained in this video clip.

And with that, Bon Voyage to me!


6 Oct 2017

I have always had a serious issue with taking compliments and find it so extremely awkward every time it happens. It doesn't matter if it's a compliment on my looks or on my skills, or on my personality, it's just so uncomfortable. I never know what to answer in order to not sound cocky and/or stupid. WHat do you say? 

Well, "Thanks!" seems to be the best thing... This is a really helpful video for all of us who feel stupid when receiving a compliment.

Heated tile floors

5 Oct 2017

Have you ever stepped on heated tile floors on a chilly morning? I hadn't until I had them installed in my own bathroom. We have always had issues with heating at our house, especially the bathroom - it's just really hard to get proper heating without being ruined. I didn't even know there was such a thing as heated tile floors until I had a meeting with the decorating agent at Kerkinni & Company. When I heard the word "heated" my ears went up like on a gazelle on the Savannah... and it didn't take much to convince me to invest some extra dollars for heated tiles.

Wonderful feeling

Our whole bathroom was to be remodeled and we assigned the project to the amazing Kerkinni & Company and they gave us so much more than just amazing new floors. Our bathroom remodeling was way overdue, but now it's such a pleasure to be in there. It's fresh, clean and full of tech perks.

On chilly days I nowadays visit the "loo" everytime I feel lika warming up my feet. Already considering installing heated floors all over the house!

Amazing job

I must say that I was impressed over this business; how nice the people were; how well they communicated with us; how they listened and came with brilliant suggestions. And, of course, how they actually built our new bathroom! I dfinitely recommend them if you ever want to remodel your bathroom. They are situated in Minneapolis.


Focus better

22 Sep 2017

I have noticed that I focus so much better if there is a subtle distraction in my environment. I am not talking about traffic, kids playing or people lauching in my close surrounding, but something like smooth, instrumental music or a light rain drizzling on my window. EVen the sound of calm waves hitting the shore enhances my concentration. Lately I put on this playlist when I'm working, and it really does wonders.


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