Ski newbie

I have been persuaded by my friends to join them this year for their yearly skiing holiday. I have wanted to go for years but never got to it, and I have never tried any kind of winter sport in my life. My friends are all experienced skiiers so it will be quite embarrassing, but better embarrased than bored. Every year when they take off I regret not having bought a ticket with them when they booked theirs, which they usually do already in early Autumn. This year I have a ticket and I am equally excited as I am petrified.

I am going to rent my gear

I am going to rent my skiing gear as my friends believe that's best, seeing this is my first time and that I might not even like it, they say. Skiing gear is really expensive too, I have noticed. I will have to buy my clothes though, except for a cool jacket that one of my buddies has left over.

I am at this moment collecting as much info as I possibly can, and there are som really cool sites out there that answer all kinds of questions. One question I was really confused about was: how long should my skis be? I suppose I will get the help I need up at the rental place. I might even try different skis on different days, and maybe also a snowboard.

Other than the ski challenge, I am really looking forward to hanging out with my friends every day for two weeks. The fire places, the saunas, the food and the after ski seem even more interesting than skiing, to be honest.

2 Dec 2018