Do you know why swedes don´t smoke as much as other people?

For some reason, and I don´t even know why any more, I once looked up smoking habits. And suddenly I found myself reading about Sweden. Swedes are among those who smoke the least in the world it seems. Only about 5% of the adults smoke regularely. My first thought was that in Sweden people are all athletes and that must be the reason why. I was wrong! In Sweden many use smokeless tobacco and one of the most popular brands is the one you see in the picture. This is tobacco General. In Sweden they call it snus, and the closest american version would be a mix between snuff and chewing tobacco. For many generations this kind of tobacco has been used instead of cigarettes and is actually a very nice product. 

Do they chew it?

No, this kind of tobacco is not meant to be chewed. There are two kinds of snus, regardless of brand. One is pre-packaged in small bags that fit under your upper lip. The other is loose snus where you yourself have to make a small ball to put under your upper lip. It stays there for as long as you like, or until it has lost its flavour. And then you exchange it for a new bag or ball. This can be bought worldwide and will be delivered from Sweden. So if you want to try it, just visit where you can find all sorts of smokeless tobacco. 

19 Jun 2018