Better care after surgery

The care given just efter a surgery is the most important for most patients, maybe needless to point out. Not all hospitals and caregivers are aware of this fact. The aftercare is so important it has enhanced a research on it's own, called Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – ERAS. With a proper ERAS the patient is able to go home earlier and in a better condition than being in care of a caregiver that is not trained in ERAS.

Encare a caregiver that implement ERAS

In 2009 Encare was established and soon started implement the ERAS-protocol, but more so, the have since then trained other professionals in ERAS-care, providing an interactive and also a web-based information system that helps the information sharing of all their patients. The ERAS-protocol is due to, among other things, an interactive and user-friendly interface fot collection, and documentation, and most important of all; for follow-up of the recover of their patients. If some critical occasions occur for their patients, it is documented for further evaluation.

Data-collecting for improvements in aftercare

The data is collected in a web-based in an information-sharing-system, which enables immediate feedback for a better improvement and evolution of the care. This ERAS-protocol is said an expected to save costs and pain for the patients as well for the caregivers.

24 Dec 2017